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Duca di Salaparuta Spa

Ala Liquorvino Amarascato

Ala Liquorvino Amarascato

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Ala, the Antico Liquorvino Amarascato, is a wine born out of love. Refined and original, Ala is a dessert wine but it is in the combination with chocolate that its intense aroma and its warm, cherry-filled taste offer unique sensations.

A garnet red liqueur with amber reflections, Ala is produced from selected red wines of strong Sicilian tradition, aged for a long time in oak barrels and then flavored with a fine infusion of morello cherry leaves. This very particular wine, born from Duca Enrico's desire to give his wife Sonia the ideal complement to her passion, chocolate, is a joy for all those with a sweet tooth.

Typical for dessert, it is particularly pleasant with chocolate and almond desserts. Try it with… Modica chocolate with chilli pepper.

Serving temperature - 14° C.

Type - Red Flavored Wine.

Territory of origin - Sicily.

Alcohol content - 17.5% vol.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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