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Distillerie dell’Etna dei F.lli Russo srl

Amaro Zagaro

Amaro Zagaro

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Zagaro is a sensual Sicilian Amaro, with a full-bodied flavor and an unmistakable taste, which involves the sense of smell, releasing an enveloping scent of oranges and mandarins. The intense amber color recalls the immense expanses of Sicilian citrus groves at sunset.

Zagaro… the Amaro that summarizes all the sensory experiences of a long trip to Sicily.

Alcohol content: 30°
Capacity: 100ml / 700ml

Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcohol, infusion of “Ribera DOP orange” peels and Sicilian mandarins, natural flavourings.

Made in Sicily, Italy


The story of Amaro Siciliano Zagaro begins with a family recipe, one of those that the experience of a 150-year-old company naturally passes down from father to son from generation to generation... and with a magical, compelling and mysterious story , which someone was able to capture on an ordinary summer evening, when sitting around a table prepared for dinner, the now eighty-year-old Giuseppe Russo was telling his grandchildren who were curious to hear the memories of their grandfather's childhood, the history of his town , of when he was little and of Zagaro…

It was the Sicily of citrus groves, boundless expanses of Oranges, Mandarins and Lemons and a young man, handsome like no other, who had eyes of the sea and skin amber from the scorching sun of entire days spent picking citrus fruits, made the women fall in love with him. girls from the village…
No one, not even the person telling the story, remembers what the real name of this young man who had a charm that was a mixture of beauty, mystery and seduction was.

Zagaro was called Zagaro in the village perhaps because the hands and skin of this man, who worked on citrus fruits for whole days and who was probably in his early twenties at the time, smelled of Zagara and that scent was now so unmistakably released from his body to almost represent its profound essence, its identity...

But don't imagine Zagaro as a cruel seducer from a Sicily of the past, Zagaro was seduction itself and it is said that the girls at a certain time, at sunset, when they returned from the citrus groves, waited, leaning out of the doorways of the doors, of meeting their gaze to experience the magic of being kidnapped by them... by the eyes, by that mystery and by its scent, the scent of Zagaro...
Then one day his young heart stopped among those citrus trees on a hot day in August and his story, fascinating because that young man doesn't have a name and perhaps not even a place to rest forever, disappeared into thin air and became a story …

Zagaro today is the name of a Sicilian Amaro which collects the scents and magic of oranges and mandarins... in a unique and indescribable sensorial experience, capable of involving all the senses and enchanting.
A magical synesthesia could be said, which deriving from the involvement not only of taste, but of every sense, claims to have the same strength as a story, recreating an atmosphere that no longer exists and a charm that cannot only be an aesthetic canon, but which is itself a concept.

The Mediterranean is a concept that someone after many years, on an ordinary summer evening spent talking about a Sicily that no longer exists, around a table set for dinner... decided to capture so that it would become magic... forever!

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