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Nino Castiglione s.r.l.

Florio tuna bottarga in olive oil

Florio tuna bottarga in olive oil

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It is a prestigious product, obtained from yellow-fin tuna eggs. To reach Florio quality, the bottarga needs at least 45 days of processing. The treatment is performed exclusively by local artisans:

  • The ovarian sac is flavored with brine and inserted inside it. It is then salted and kept pressed with boards. It is periodically massaged by the operator, who then puts it back under new salt. This procedure is repeated for about 20 days. Frequent massages eliminate the liquid part and firm the product, increasing its weight.
  • Subsequently, the bottarga is "put to death", that is, salted and pressed on boards for another 20 days or so, without further handling it. The entire treatment is carried out exclusively with sea salt from the Trapani salt pans, which also constitutes the only preservative.
  • Finally, the product is washed with fresh water and hung to dry with natural ventilation for 4-8 days, depending on the size and weather conditions.
  • When it is ready, the bottarga is cut by hand into small fillets to fit the jar and stored, again by hand, in the jar. This operation involves a lot of waste because the fillet must appear intact and compact. At the end, olive oil is added which guarantees softness and balances the flavor.

106 g glass package

Made in Sicily, Italy

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