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Terre D'Entella

Calamarata Bio – Sicilian artisan pasta

Calamarata Bio – Sicilian artisan pasta

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Artisan pasta made from Sicilian organic durum wheat semolina milled in Sicily, bronze drawn, slow drying.

Organic Sicilian Durum Wheat Semolina, Water.

12 minutes

5oo days

Made in Sicily, Italy
Did you know that...
Calamarata is a typical Neapolitan first course, its name takes its name from the pasta shape in the shape of large rings similar to squid rings and is intended to be served with a squid sauce and fresh tomatoes (but there are also numerous variations in which seafood is also added to the calamarata sauce).

Terre di Entella, the quality SICILIAN ORGANIC.
All our products are obtained from the transformation of the best grains grown exclusively on our estates.
We carry out scrupulous checks on raw materials to guarantee maximum protection of consumer health.
Our pasta is bronze drawn to enhance its roughness and porosity in order to better absorb any type of seasoning and is dried slowly so as not to alter the molecular structure of the starches. In this way, authenticity, colour, aroma, flavor and consistency are enhanced.
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