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Modica Chocolate Sicilian Orange Candies

Modica Chocolate Sicilian Orange Candies

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Artisanal cinnamon candies cooked over direct heat and cut by hand.

Without dyes or preservatives. Gluten Free.

40g pack. Ingredients: cane sugar, glucose syrup, PGI Modica chocolate (10%), chocolate grue (3%), chocolate flavouring, natural Sicilian orange flavouring; Modica PGI chocolate is unique in the world.

Born from an ancient Spanish recipe, it is obtained from a particular "cold" processing of the chocolate itself. The addition of Cocoa Grue, which represents the most valuable and tender part of the cocoa beans, makes this candy very valuable because it has many beneficial properties such as: antioxidants and mineral salts, vitamins and good fats, thus stimulating the production of serotonin relieving stress and forms of depression. The orange flavor gives the candy a fresh, delicate flavor accentuated by floral tones.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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