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Terre D'Entella

Sicilian Organic Chickpeas

Sicilian Organic Chickpeas

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For generations we have been growing organic chickpeas and lentils with passion and experience.
The cultivation of legumes in organic farming represents a practice of fundamental importance for renewing the fertility of the soil without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Therefore we feel we can affirm that Terre di Entella legumes, in addition to flavoring soups and enriching the diet of our customers, play an important ecological role.
We enjoy an ancient tradition in the cultivation of wheat and dried legumes, including chickpeas and lentils.
All our products are obtained from the transformation of the best legumes grown exclusively on our estates.
We carry out scrupulous checks on raw materials to guarantee maximum protection of consumer health.

Did you know that...

Legumes are a very important food in the diet of our children, paediatricians recommend that children eat them up to 3 times a week and introduce them gradually from 7 months onwards, unless the pediatrician advises otherwise.

Made in Sicily, Italy

Sicilian Organic Chickpeas.

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