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Distillerie dell’Etna dei F.lli Russo srl

Cinnamore – Cinnamon liqueur

Cinnamore – Cinnamon liqueur

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Say it! “Cinnamore”!

It is a sweet word, which evokes the warmth and charm of cinnamon, like a passionate hug in a cup. An intense and enveloping liqueur, designed for cinnamon lovers. An elixir of love to be tasted in small sips, like spicy kisses, while exchanging passionate glances and yearning ardently… 'Cinnamore' is love itself, captured in a bottle, the aromatic courtship that ignites passion.”

Alcohol content: 28% Vol
Capacity: 100ml/500ml

Tasting instructions:
Excellent on its own, served at room temperature or very cold, it is also the perfect ingredient for sophisticated cocktails.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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