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Maravigghia Palermo

Sicilian Coffa "Vulcano"

Sicilian Coffa "Vulcano"

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The "Vulcano" crow's nest is decorated with lurex and cotton trimmings.
In the center it features a medallion hand-painted with indelible colors depicting Etna in eruption, some prickly pear blades and the profile of a Sicilian puppet.

Around and on the sides of the bag there are tassels and fringes made with sack-type fabric.
The approximate measurements of the bag are: base 30 cm, upper mouth 60 cm, height 45 cm. The inside of the bag is made of cotton fabric.
Each bag has a shape and its own decoration, making it unique and unrepeatable.

Artisan product, Sicily, Italy

Did you know that...

Far from being an accessory with a purely aesthetic function (as it is today) the Sicilian crow's nest was born as a very useful object of the peasant tradition . It was, in fact, the food bag for farmers and animals. It was filled with straw or hay, then tied to the neck of the donkey or horse . Also called "cuffinu", depending on the shape or even the geographical area of ​​Sicily , it cannot simply be defined as a bag. It is, in fact, a valuable artefact, a creation of the artisan knowledge that has made, and continues to make, our Island great. To make it you need the tender leaves of the dwarf palm , also called "troffa di curina" or "giummara". This plant is typical of Mediterranean vegetation and embellishes many Sicilian landscapes. Here's how the leaves are used.

The harder leaves are used to create brooms of various sizes and textures, perfect for domestic uses. The softer ones, however, are destined for the skilled hands of artisans, who dry them and use them to create Sicilian coffe, but not only that. The "curina", i.e. the dried leaf, is also perfect for creating small and light ropes and baskets for the table. The name “curina” derives from its tapered shape. The tradition of the crow's nest has become design . World-famous stylists have increasingly enriched it and, by bringing it to the catwalk , have made it an essential accessory for fashion victims all over the world. Mirrors, ribbons, bells and all kinds of fabrics decorate the baskets, which are shown off everywhere. A beautiful tribute to our tradition which demonstrates how the history of Sicily is always able to adapt to the times, without forgetting where it comes from

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