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Donna Franca Marsa Florio Superiore Reserve

Donna Franca Marsa Florio Superiore Reserve

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A blend of different Marsalas, matured separately and selected after a careful evaluation of the evolutionary process of all the vintages preserved in the Florio Cellars, Donna Franca expresses very high levels of elegance and complexity. Its enveloping, warm and velvety taste makes it a great meditation product but also a refined accompaniment for dessert or a gourmet aperitif.

Contains sulfites.

This precious reserve is a blend of Marsala aged for 15 to 30 years in oak barrels. Time and care give it a brilliant topaz color, with intense amber reflections, and a palate rich in hints of spices and candied fruit, closed by caramel and bitter almond.

Excellent for meditation and paired with desserts. To be tried as an innovative aperitif paired with blue cheeses. Try it with… Roquefort puff pastry and almond flakes.

Serving temperature - As an aperitif 12°-14° C. For dessert and for meditation 15°-16° C.

Grape variety - Grillo.

Territory of origin - Coastal area of ​​the municipality of Marsala.

Alcohol content - 19.0% vol.

500 ml format

Made in Sicily, Italy

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