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Distillerie dell’Etna dei F.lli Russo srl

Heretica – Prickly Pear Brandy

Heretica – Prickly Pear Brandy

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Porvocatory and rebellious, prickly pear brandy is Rhaetian. To our master distiller it seemed like heresy to distil a fruit with such a difficult and thorny appearance, but the result was astonishing. A distillate, soft, enveloping and with a delicate and exotic scent like that of prickly pear.

Alcohol content: 38% Vol
Capacity: 100ml/500ml

Tasting instructions:

Take a small sip and let it flow on the palate. Cold and inebriating, and it is also the perfect ingredient for sophisticated cocktails.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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