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Distillerie dell’Etna dei F.lli Russo srl

Limonamour - Limoncello from Etna

Limonamour - Limoncello from Etna

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The PGI lemons of Etna, with their most perfect fruits, both in shape and colour, those that have reached the maximum level of ripeness, have always been the beating heart of our Limonamour. These carefully selected lemons are transformed into a precious nectar thanks to their yellow part, the most regular and ripe part. This precious peel is expertly immersed in a fine alcohol, produced in our artisanal distillery. The surrounding nature continues to act as a backdrop to this extraordinary process, making every sip of Limonamour an authentic sensorial journey.

Limonamour is the essence of Etna PGI lemons, an ode to the art of distillation and a hymn to the beauty of nature.

Alcohol content:
32% Vol.
Tasting instructions:
Iced, it is an after-meal with excellent digestive properties, delicious on fruit salad and ice cream, very suitable for preparing cocktails.

Format: 100ml / 500ml

Imagine a hot summer day, where you have just finished a long, stressful day at work. The sun is slowly sinking into the horizon, and you finally have time to relax. It's the perfect time to enjoy our Limonamour, a real panacea for the soul.

Take a very cold bottle from the fridge, where the Limonamour rests frozen, ready to refresh you. The sound of the cork opening is like a little melody of liberation. Carefully pour this golden nectar into a glass and immediately smell the intense and enveloping scent of Etna PGI lemons.

The first sip is like a fresh and regenerating hug. The sweetness of the lemon infusion is balanced by the slightly spicy note of the alcohol expertly distilled in our artisanal distillery. The persistent and enveloping flavor makes you forget the entire day of stress. Every drop feels like a balm for the soul.

If you want a more classic tasting, make sure you keep the Limonamour very cold in the fridge, because at low temperatures its freshness and unique flavor emerge even more clearly.

But if you want something fuller, then try storing the Limonamour in the freezer. Here, our liqueur never solidifies, but becomes denser and more concentrated. You can use it as a base to create ice cream cups or granitas. It is the perfect choice for a special evening or to share a moment of pleasure with friends.

In any case, regardless of your preference, Limonamour is always ready to transform any moment into an unforgettable experience.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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