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Azienda Agricola Donna Lucrezia S.S.

Sicilian jam

Sicilian jam

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Tarocco Orange Marmalade

Donna Lucrezia's tarocco orange marmalade is a delicious winter jam with a bitter aftertaste. Perfect for spreading on bread, for breakfast or a snack, but also for filling cakes or enriching the dough of some desserts. Very few natural ingredients to preserve for a long time all the flavor and aroma of this citrus fruit that is as fragrant as it is good. Handcrafted with Sicilian tarocco oranges.

Tarocco oranges, sugar, lemon juice
Fruit used: 75g per 100g
Total sugars: 52g per 100g

Orange and Cinnamon Marmalade

With an intense and spicy flavour, Donna Lucrezia's orange and cinnamon marmalade has an unforgettable aroma and scent. The sweet and sour freshness of oranges meets the spicy flavor of cinnamon, in a jam rich in vitamin C, which can be used to make muffins and brownies or simply to spread on bread and toast. Handcrafted with Sicilian oranges.

Tarocco oranges, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon (0.1%).
Fruit used: 75g per 100g
Total sugars: 52g per 100g

Ciaculli Mandarin Marmalade from Sicily 

Donna Lucrezia's mandarin jam has a sugary, slightly sour aftertaste. This characteristic makes it ideal for filling cakes and tarts, as well as for pairing with mature cheeses and meats. Handcrafted with Sicilian mandarins.

Ciaculli mandarins, sugar, lemon juice.
Fruit used: 75g per 100g
Total sugars: 52g per 100g

Mandarin Jam and Orange Blossom Honey

The sweetness of Mandarin is accompanied by Orange Blossom honey, with a grassy and strongly citrus aftertaste, which enhances the flavor making this jam the perfect combination for tasting cheeses of all types. Handcrafted with Sicilian mandarins.

Mandarins, sugar, lemon juice, orange blossom honey (2.5%).
Fruit used: 75g per 100g
Total sugars: 52g per 100g

Sicilian lemon jam

Donna Lucrezia's lemon jam has a delicious and typically Mediterranean flavour. Characterized by a high level of acidity and a very intense aroma. With this lemon jam you can fill tarts and desserts of different types or you can accompany intensely flavored cheeses such as parmesan and pecorino. Handcrafted with Sicilian feminine lemons.

Lemons, sugar, water. Gelling agent: fruit pectin
Fruit used: 45g per 100g
Total sugars: 54g per 100g

Sicilian Bitter Orange Marmalade with Cane Sugar

Donna Lucrezia's bitter orange marmalade pairs perfectly with lightly matured meats and cheeses and is an excellent ingredient for numerous desserts, such as tarts and croissants. Handcrafted with Sicilian bitter oranges.

Bitter oranges, brown sugar, water, lemon juice.
Fruit used: 45g per 100g
Total sugars: 54g per 100g

Coscia Pear Extra Jam with Cane Sugar

Thanks to its delicate flavour, Donna Lucrezia's thigh pear jam can be used as an ingredient for dessert recipes, such as tarts or filled biscuits. Also excellent spread on a slice of bread, to be combined with mature cheeses with a strong flavour. Jam handcrafted with Sicilian thigh pears.

Coscia pears, cane sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: pectin.
Fruit used: 65g per 100g
Total sugars: 54g per 100g

Coscia Pears and Cocoa Beans Extra Jam with Cane Sugar

Gourmet jam that combines the delicacy of the pear with the deliciousness of cocoa. Perfect in the kitchen for dessert and tart recipes, it goes well with soft or semi-mature cheeses, but also lends itself very well to more risky combinations. Handcrafted with 100% natural thigh pears.

Coscia pears, cane sugar, lemon juice, toasted cocoa beans (1.5%), gelling agent: pectin.
Fruit used: 65g per 100g
Total sugars: 54g per 100g

Sicilian Apricot Extra Jam

Donna Lucrezia's apricot jam is rich in vitamins A and C and has a slightly sour aftertaste, which makes this jam ideal for pairing with delicate and sweet dishes. Handcrafted with Sicilian apricots.

Apricots, sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin.
Fruit used: 60g per 100g
Total sugars: 54g per 100g

Extra Apricot and Almond Jam

The already particular taste of apricots is naturally enhanced by the aroma of almonds. The result is ideal as a topping for cheesecakes, spread on toast at breakfast and on biscuits with tea. Paired with cheeses, it is certainly worth tasting, especially with ricotta, it will make a great impression even at your most eclectic aperitif, surprising all your guests.
Jam produced with Sicilian apricots and almonds.

Tabacchiere Extra Peach Jam

Donna Lucrezia's snuffbox peach jam has an intense but sweet flavour. A versatile jam in the kitchen, which adapts very well to fish and meat dishes. Handcrafted with 100% natural peaches.


The absence of "click clack" guarantees the integrity of the closure. To be consumed within 3 years of production. Batch and expiry date are visible on the label. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Once opened, store in the refrigerator.
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