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Duca di Salaparuta Spa

Marsala Florio Superiore Sweet

Marsala Florio Superiore Sweet

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Balanced and pleasant Marsala, an oenological synthesis of a journey among oak woods of multiple shapes and sizes in the grandeur of the Florio Cellars, offers an exercise in contemporary organoleptic style, from the warm aromas of dates and apples to a palate of ripe grapes.

An excellent accompaniment for a special dessert, this Marsala ages for a minimum of four years inside the Florio Cellars, knowing all the spaces and making passages in truncated conical vats and barrels of different sizes. A migration, orchestrated by the refined art of the Winemaker, which gives it harmony and unforgettable energy.

Wine that pairs with high quality raw materials. Try it with… Dark chocolate.

Serving temperature | 14-16° C

Grape variety | DOC white grapes for Marsala

Territory | Coastal area of ​​the municipality of Marsala and hinterland of the province of Trapani

Alcohol content | 18% vol.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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