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Duca di Salaparuta Spa

Marsala Florio Superiore Riserva Secco

Marsala Florio Superiore Riserva Secco

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This Marsala Secco with a harmonious, dry palate, with a delicate sensation of ripe fruit, which is anticipated by a nose of great finesse, with hints of vanilla, is a tale of modernity. Savored alone but above all as a special touch for a cocktail that tastes of Sicily.

The “Oltre 4” line, the result of a profound knowledge of oak aging in the Florio Cellars, was born from the desire to share an evolutionary organoleptic geometry of continuity. From the wise blend of aged barrels, casks and time, this Marsala Secco is born, very pleasant on the palate. Freedom of consumption becomes the key to the expression of an elegant linearity of organoleptic thought, which aims to describe Marsala in its moments of pairing with the most loved food and offer its plastic ability to welcome and exalt other witnesses of modern drinking in mixology, offering an ideal wine for the preparation of innovative and refined cocktails.

Excellent at the beginning and end of a meal, paired with soft cheeses and dry pastries. Perfect in cocktails, for the mixability of the great classics and the most contemporary expressions.

Serving temperature | Fresh 8 - 10 °C or at the end of the meal 14 - 16 °C

Grape variety | Grillo and Catarratto white grapes

Territory | Coastal area of ​​the municipality of Marsala and hinterland of the province of Trapani

Alcohol content | 18.5% vol.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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