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Marsala Florio Vergine Reserve

Marsala Florio Vergine Reserve

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This refined Marsala Vergine, aged in a small oak barrel for 13 years, 38 meters from the sea inside the Garibaldi Cellars, which are 140 meters long, is a child of the wind and salt. In the mouth it is vibrant, dry and extra tasty, with a vertical tannin, while on the nose it is fresh, with agro-marine odors and hints of broom and yellow flowers.

Raised using the Marsala sapling and/or low espalier system, the Grillo grapes from which this precious Marsala Florio is born grow in an area with unique characteristics. Warmed by the sun, enveloped in intense light, lashed by vigorous winds coming from the sea, the grapes are harvested while overripe on the vine, starting from mid-September, when the winemaker decides that they have reached perfect sugary and polyphenolic maturity. Only then will they be ready to become Marsala.

Meditation wine combines with high quality raw materials for an original aperitif. Try it with… Oysters.

Serving temperature | 14-16° C

Grape variety | Cricket

Territory | Coastal area of ​​the municipality of Marsala and hinterland of the province of Trapani

Alcohol content | 19% vol.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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