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Passito Di Pantelleria Florio

Passito Di Pantelleria Florio

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Son of precious Zibibbo grapes harvested at maturity on the island of Pantelleria and dried naturally under the scorching sun, this modern and nuanced wine excels as a meditation wine, is excellent with pastries and, served cold, amazes as an aperitif.

Vintage: 2015

Contains sulfites.

The harvesting of the bunches of Zibibbo grapes when they are ripe and the natural drying in ideal climatic conditions guarantee a sugar and aromatic concentration that offers the perfect base for a complex and full-bodied wine. The vinification and slow fermentation, at a controlled temperature, then complete the evolution for a few months in oak barriques.

This intensely aromatic wine is interesting as an aperitif, paired with spicy soft cheeses and goose liver. Excellent with pastries based on ricotta, cream, dried fruit and nougat. Excellent for meditation. Try it with… Pecorino with fig jam

Serving temperature - As an aperitif 10°-12° C. For dessert and for meditation 16°-18° C.

Grape variety - Moscato di Alessandria known as Zibibbo.

Territory of origin - Selected vineyards grown on the island of Pantelleria.

Alcohol content - 14.0% -14.5% by vol.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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