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Puzzle Sicily

Puzzle Sicily

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400 piece puzzle

Format 28.8x40.5 cm

Made in Sicily, Italy

Did you know that:

Cirnauts it is a fully illustrated corner of Sicily. A return to the past, but in a modern way. Cirnauts express themselves through drawing and photography

Loving the story of the Argonauts, fifty explorers on the ship Argo in search of the golden fleece, decide to give themselves a revolutionary name: Argo in Greek mythology is also the name of Ulysses' dog. However, the Cirnauts are Etna and are fond of another dog, the Cirneco dell'Etna, a skilled hunting dog .

From the fusion of these two names and concepts, Cirnauti was born, always looking for new ideas and adventures to tell through images. The team is made up of architects and designers who gave life to this project in 2015, Siracusa , from an offshoot of LetteraVentidue Edizioni, Architecture and Design publishing house.

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