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Antica Bottega Siciliana

Sicilian Tomato Sauce with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sicilian Tomato Sauce with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The quality of the cherry tomato used for this sauce is the "pizzutello siccagno", grown in the Trapani hills, in Sicily. The siccagno tomato sauce, thanks to the EVO oil and fresh basil, is pleasant, aromatic and tasty. Ready to use, it does not need to be seasoned, it is ideal for your first courses or to embellish your sauces. Pairings - pasta - sauces Ingredients Sicilian pizzutello tomato (97%), extra virgin olive oil, salt, fresh basil, pepper, sugar Manufacturing process The pizzutello tomato is picked by hand, washed and boiled. Once the boiling is finished, the tomato is drained from the water and the sauce is separated from the remains.

Format 330 cl

Made in Italy, Sicily

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