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Maravigghia Palermo

Sicilian Moor heads

Sicilian Moor heads

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The handmade dark brown heads in cold-painted terracotta can be placed in any environment from your home, office or shop. They will tastefully furnish both classic and modern environments.

They are unique and precious pieces, finished down to the smallest detail, but the gem that makes them even more original is the collar and some inserts in the crown made with damask fabric matching the colors of the heads themselves.

Product made in Sicily, Italy

Height 45cm

Did you know that...

Moro's Heads are ornamental hand-painted ceramic vases depicting the faces of a man and a woman. Emblem of Sicilian culture and art, they are not born from a surprising creative flair on the part of Sicilian artisans, but are the fruit of a legend propagated over the centuries. Behind the Moor's Heads, also called Graste in Sicilian, lies a love story made of passion, betrayal, jealousy and resulting in revenge.

We are in Palermo , around the year 1000, in the Arab neighborhood of Kalsa. A beautiful girl lived there, who spent her days dedicating herself to taking care of her plants. One day, from the top of her lush balcony, she was noticed by a Moor. As soon as he saw her, he immediately fell in love with her and didn't hesitate for a moment to declare his love for him. The girl, flattered, passionately reciprocated the Moor's sentiment, but their story, which began with such ardor, was destined to be short-lived; soon the young woman discovered that her beloved had to return to the East where he had a wife and children. In the middle of the night, betrayed and humiliated, the girl blinded by jealousy and fatal anger killed her Moor while he was sleeping and cut off his head and created a sort of vase in which she planted a basil sprout inside which he took care of it day by day. The basil plant (from the Greek Basilikos), a regal plant, but also representative of love and passion, grew lush and fragrant, making the neighbors envious who wanted to imitate it so they began to make terracotta vases with the features of the Moor's head.
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