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Nino Castiglione s.r.l.

Florio tuna in olive oil 100gr

Florio tuna in olive oil 100gr

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Florio tuna in olive oil, whole slice, slow processing and long maturation

Ingredients: Tuna, Oil, Salt

100g format.

Tuna Florio, produced by the Nino Castiglione company, is much more than just canned tuna. This prized tuna is an emblem of the historic Florio family, who revolutionized the culture and economy of Sicily during the Belle Époque period. Updating tuna processing and preservation techniques. Today, the heirs of the Castiglione family, who are responsible for the rebirth of Tuna Florio, continue this tradition with meticulous attention to detail. Each tuna fillet is carefully cut by hand and cured for at least three months in olive oil and salt, guaranteeing a very high quality product. The canning process takes place through slow production machines to preserve the integrity and compactness of the slice, while the seasoning releases aromas and flavors that take you back in time. And as if this wasn't enough, the tuna used is of yellow-fin species and is fished following the principles of the Dolphin Safe project, which guarantees sustainable fishing methods by excluding the capture of dolphins. Tuna Florio is not just a food, but a piece of Sicilian history and culture that combines quality, flavor and sustainability in a single, exquisite product.

Made in Sicily, Italy

Did you know that...

Florio : a name that recalls the glories of Sicily Belle époque and the legendary family that revolutionized the economy and culture of the island. Traders, shipowners, patrons, the Florios also deal with tuna fishing and processing and transform the Favignana tuna factory into a true, modern and innovative canning industry.

With the Florios, tuna processing underwent epochal innovations: it went from stowing it in salt in wooden barrels to preserving it in oil. The Florios were also responsible for tin canning. These changes represent a real revolution: they will improve the quality of the product, make it safer and facilitate its transport throughout Italy.

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