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Nino Castiglione s.r.l.

Florio tuna belly in olive oil

Florio tuna belly in olive oil

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Discover the Florio tuna belly, caught using the purse seine method and certified Dolphin Safe, a high quality delicacy weighing 125 grams in tin format. Ventresca, a prized portion of tuna, is obtained from the softest part that surrounds the abdominal cavity. It represents a very precious meat, since the ventral muscle bundles from which it is obtained constitute a small part compared to the total weight of the tuna. Coming from the part of the fish's body closest to the belly, ventresca is rich in Omega 3 and offers a delicate flavor and tender texture. Packaged by hand and processed in Sicily, the ventresca is preserved in olive oil and cooked in water following the traditional method which keeps the organoleptic characteristics of the product unchanged. Seasoned for at least 3 months, this fine Florio tuna belly is produced by the Florio brand, linked to the legendary family who introduced ustro in Sicily in the 19th century. Once processed on the island of Favignana, today ventresca is produced in Trapani under the guidance of the producer Nino Castiglione. The Florio ventresca is completely handmade: the entire production process takes place by local workers who cut the fillets to size and store them manually in the tin, guaranteeing the compactness of the product in its entirety. After opening, keep the Florio tuna belly in the refrigerator, covered in oil, and consume it within 2 days to guarantee its freshness and flavor. Try this exquisite Florio tuna belly and savor the passion and attention to detail that distinguish this excellent Sicilian product.

Made in Sicily, Italy


Tuna belly, olive oil, sea salt
Format 125 gr.
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