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Duca di Salaparuta Spa

Florio wine Unfiltered

Florio wine Unfiltered

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Florio has always been synonymous with Marsala. Now, however, Florio has decided to give a new great emotion, bottling the first Vino Florio. An unfiltered white wine, in continuous organoleptic evolution depending on time, space and the mood of those who taste it.

Contains sulfites.

The first form of the grapes arriving in the Cellar, this wine is what will become Marsala and for a long time its incredible organoleptic qualities have only been tasted by those who live in the Cellar. Today Florio bottles it, in very limited quantities, because it constitutes a fundamental piece to fully describe the cultural project that is Marsala. This wine is an expression of the vintage, of the rhythm and harmony chosen by the winemaker. A true act of poetry, which translates into a glass with a rich and savory character, a high alcohol content and an intense scent of flowering fields and the sea.

Alcohol content - 15% vol.

Made in Sicily, Italy

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