Collection: The Florio family - Books

Maravigghia for Sicily has selected 3 books on the Florio family written by Salvatore Requirez for Nuova IPSA Editore

Salvatore Requirez , born in Palermo in 1957, doctor, has directed several public service healthcare companies. In 1991 he won the Second Prize in Historiography
Municipal banned by the Regional Province of Palermo with the unpublished work Una città
between the villas. To date he has published: Le Ville di Palermo (1996), presentation of Dacia
Maraini; Targa Florio (1997) with the presentation by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
who in 1998 received the plaque of honor at the Bancarella Sport Award; The Targa champions
Florio (2003); the novel Il Leone di Palermo (2005) and Storia dei Florio (2007). For the
types Nuova Ipsa Editore: the historical novel The secret of the amphora (2015), One hundred faces of a
myth. Targa Florio, a sporting, social, cultural phenomenon (2016) and The car tour of Sicily (1919) .